Art Integration

Art Integration – Blending STEM and Creativity
Embark on a journey to discover how art enhances learning! Our curriculum seamlessly integrates art with core subjects such as Science, Math, History, and Language Arts. Led by dedicated teachers, students experience cognitive growth and creative expression in an engaging learning environment.
Student to teacher ratio
Min. 8 and Max. 20 students
Session duration
45-90 mins
Adjusted based on school requirements
1-2 times per week
This interdisciplinary approach aligns with academic standards and recognizes the diverse learning styles of students. It offers a range of cognitive and creative benefits, as art has been linked to improve cognitive abilities, including enhanced problem-solving skills, creativity, and critical thinking. Our dedicated teachers have crafted a curriculum that seamlessly integrates art with core subjects. Through art integration, we cultivate a love for learning beyond textbooks, nurturing individuals with profound subject understanding and a deep appreciation for art’s essential role in education. Here, creativity flourishes and students showcase their imagination through various art projects.
What happens in the class
Students will engage in fun activities, group projects, and interactive lessons that let them be creative while learning important STEM skills. Each day will feature a new theme, such as color theory, planets, and other exciting topics. Students will explore these themes deeply, apply their knowledge in innovative ways, and create unique art projects that showcase their understanding and imagination. With personalized attention from teachers, every class is made enjoyable and interactive, ensuring each student’s needs and interests are met while fostering a supportive learning environment. They may also enjoy outdoor activities that combine STEM and art, fostering an appreciation for nature
Student outcomes
Students will develop a love for both art and STEM subjects, fostering a well-rounded education.
Enhance critical thinking and problem-solving skills through cross-disciplinary learning.
Cultivate curiosity, and ignite a passion for exploration at the intersection of art and STEM.